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Negotiate College Tuition & Save Thousands

negotiate paying saving Jan 04, 2022

For many students, the financial aid package, or scholarship money you receive from a college, can make or break the decision to attend that particular school. But before you rule out a college because of their financial aid package, have you considered asking for more money? 

With the cost of college rising exponentially each year, more families find it harder to afford higher education. Colleges have plenty of open seats to fill, creating an opportunity for you to appeal and possibly get more aid.

Does it Work?

Many people are skeptical or scared to appeal and negotiate with colleges, but it's a proven tactic that can unlock those hidden funds that colleges keep stored away. Many parents fear that asking for more money will jeopardize their child's chance to attend that particular college. Remember, you are the customer. Colleges are businesses that need to enroll students.

More students are beginning to discover this tactic, finding that many colleges can offer more aid. In...

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