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Negotiate College Tuition & Save Thousands

paying saving Jan 04, 2022

For many students, the financial aid package, or scholarship money you receive from a college, can make or break the decision to attend that particular school. Before ruling out a private university because of how much they offered, have you ever considered asking for more money?

With the cost of college rising exponentially each year, more families are finding it harder to afford. Colleges have plenty of open seats to fill, making the opportunity for you to appeal and negotiate the price of college even greater.


Does it Work?

Many people are skeptical or scared to appeal and negotiate with colleges, but it’s a proven tactic to unlock those hidden funds that colleges keep stored away. Many parents fear that asking for more money will jeopardize their child’s chance to attend that particular college. Remember that you are the customer, colleges are a business, and they need to enroll students. 

More students are beginning to discover this tactic and finding that colleges have the ability to offer more aid. In 2018-2019, the average discount rate on tuition for first-time, full-time freshman reached 48.2%! Even better news is that this number is expected to rise, reaching closer to 50% in 2018. Can you imagine cutting your tuition cost in half? 

The opportunity to appeal and negotiate with private colleges is greater than ever, and now is the time to for you to leverage this opportunity to your advantage.


How Do I Appeal and Negotiate?

Before running down to the financial aid office, follow these five simple steps to kick start your appeal and negotiation strategy:


1. Do Your Research​

Before you hit the ground running, it's important to do some due diligence and know your numbers. Be prepared to specifically state what you are looking for and have back up. In an ideal situation, you will want to have financial aid letters from several competitive colleges.

Additionally, it's important to consider that while there may be financial aid money that is unclaimed, there may also be scholarships that fall into the same category. Do your research beforehand to learn more about these scholarship opportunities if they exist. Simpli College provides all the External Resource to find out exactly what every college in the USA gives on average to students of Gifts-Grants-Scholarships!


2. Know When to Write​

Relevance and time frame are important components of your appeal strategy. There are two key times of year when it's appropriate to send an appeal letter. The first time would be in March or April when the financial aid awards are received. The other time to appeal is late June or early July.


Did you know that SimpliCollege has 70+ appeal letter templates that you can use in appealing & negotiating your financial aid offer? Sign up today to download your own.

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3. Use Leverage to Your Advantage​

Remember, colleges are businesses and with every business there is competition. If a competing university gave you a better financial aid offer, use it to your advantage! 


4. Clarify Your Circumstance​

This step in the process is key, and it is your time to let the financial aid office know exactly what your financial situation is. This whole process is really an Art & a Science and if done properly can be successful in obtaining thousands of additional gifts-grants and scholarships.


5. Write a Compelling Appeal Letter​

The most important step in your appeal strategy is writing a persuasive letter describing your situation and why it is important to receive additional aid. Your letter should be concise and to the point. Long, drawn out letters could hurt you because people seldom have time to read them. That is why our successful Appeal template letters are so valuable to our members.


Your Go-To for Appeals and Negotiation

There is much more that should be considered before fully diving into the appeal and negotiation process, and we’re here to help! At SimpliCollege, our team has years of experience, saving families thousands of dollars, and we’ve gathered several unique strategies to help you and your family negotiate a better financial aid offer. Not many parents know how to do this successfully in order to receive more money from colleges, but we’re here to help you every step of the way. 


Looking for a step-by-step guide to walk you through the appeals and negotiation process? Meet SimpliCollege.

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