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5 Costly College Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

paying planning saving May 07, 2019

For many families, shopping for the right college can look a lot like shopping for a new car. Too many get caught up in the style and luxury, and end up overpaying, pushing them into excessive debt.

At, SimpliCollege, we stress the importance of finding a college that is the best social, academic and financial fit for your lifestyle. The first step is becoming aware of the common challenges families tend to face, so we’ve gathered our top five costly college mistakes you can avoid, to help you lower the cost of college:

1. Not negotiating the best financial aid offer.

Did you know that you can negotiate with colleges to get a better price? It is more difficult to negotiate with state colleges, but this is a proven tactic with many private colleges. The key is getting leverage. Having multiple offers from competing colleges gives you the best opportunity for success. 


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2. Failing to...

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