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What You Need to Know About Income Share Agreements (ISA's)

Given the economic implosion we are in right now and the likely need there will be for many people to go back to college or get other education without the funds to pay for it, ISAs may become WAY more common

What is an ISA?

An ISA or an Income Share Agreement is simply an agreement between the student and the college to help the student pay for school. When a student goes into an ISA with their college, they agree to receive money (borrowed money) from the college to fund their education, and in return, the student agrees to pay the college a percentage of their salary after they graduate, and most likely for many years to come. 

As your income grows, the amount you owe on your ISA will grow as well - the more you make the more you owe each month. 

Is an ISA a loan?

While an ISA is being presented by many colleges as a great “alternative” to a student loan, (note, ISA terms will vary from school to school.)

The bottom line is that it quite simply is a...

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Alternatives to Student Loans

As college expenses continue to rise, student loans are seen as the only financial option for many college-bound students. The problem is, the higher the tuition cost, the more students have to borrow. While student loans are a temporary solution to immediate financial assistance, borrowers are reminded they must be paid back, with interest.

It’s common for many students not to qualify for enough money to fully cover their tuition, where they’re forced to find another source of aid to cover it. While fear of debt can discourage students from pursuing college, a lack of money can keep them from finishing college.

Fortunately, there are financial alternatives outside of student loans to help pay for college tuition. The best part? The money awarded does not have to be returned.  


Scholarships are financial aid awarded to students that are specifically designed to cover college tuition and, at times, associated living expenses and study abroad...

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5 Ways to Lower the Cost of College

paying saving May 30, 2019

These days, college comes with a pretty significant price tag. Tuition for a private non-profit four-year institution runs at about $35,780 for the 2018-2019 academic year! How are families affording this?

This hefty price tag doesn’t just produce financial costs, it often leads to stress, depression, and tension among families. In order to make their college dreams a reality, many students and their families are resorting to student loans. This is one thing that most college graduates these days have in common. Together, over 44 million Americans hold nearly $1.6 trillion in student debt!

It’s clear that college can be one of the greatest expenses you incur during your lifetime, but it doesn’t have to be! The time to take control and lower the cost of college is NOW. Keep reading for our top five tips…


5 Ways to Lower the Cost of College


1. Appeal & Negotiate

For many students, the financial aid package, or scholarship money you...

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Negotiate College Tuition & Save Thousands

paying saving May 10, 2019

For many students, the financial aid package, or scholarship money you receive from a college, can make or break the decision to attend that particular school. Before ruling out a private university because of how much they offered, have you ever considered asking for more money?

With the cost of college rising exponentially each year, more families are finding it harder to afford. Colleges have plenty of open seats to fill, making the opportunity for you to appeal and negotiate the price of college even greater.


Does it Work?

Many people are skeptical or scared to appeal and negotiate with colleges, but it’s a proven tactic to unlock those hidden funds that colleges keep stored away. Many parents fear that asking for more money will jeopardize their child’s chance to attend that particular college. Remember that you are the customer, colleges are a business, and they need to enroll students. 

More students are beginning to discover this tactic and finding...

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5 Costly College Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

paying planning saving May 07, 2019

For many families, shopping for the right college can look a lot like shopping for a new car. Too many get caught up in the style and luxury, and end up overpaying, pushing them into excessive debt.

At, SimpliCollege, we stress the importance of finding a college that is the best social, academic and financial fit for your lifestyle. The first step is becoming aware of the common challenges families tend to face, so we’ve gathered our top five costly college mistakes you can avoid, to help you lower the cost of college:

1. Not negotiating the best financial aid offer.

Did you know that you can negotiate with colleges to get a better price? It is more difficult to negotiate with state colleges, but this is a proven tactic with many private colleges. The key is getting leverage. Having multiple offers from competing colleges gives you the best opportunity for success. 


Access over 70+ Appeal Letter Templates with SimpliCollege!

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2. Failing to...

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