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With SimpliCollege, you’ll have access to instruction on topics that will help you win the college game and have peace of mind! Here are some of the topics that you will receive with each of our pricing models.



  • How to save and pay for college
  • Preparing for college and choosing a major
  • How to choose a college
  • The 14 most common financial mistakes
  • The costliest college mistakes you can't afford to make
  • Everything you need to know about college debt



  • All items found in SimpliBasic
  • Finding Scholarships
  • Federal & Private Loan Information
  • Roadmaps and checklists for 9-12th grade students
  • How to negotiate with colleges
  • Detailed instructions for writing and sending an appeal letter
  • Additional resources on saving and paying for college
  • 529 Resources for every state in the USA



  • All items found in SimpliPlus
  • Parent/Student Sections
  • SimpliStudent Personalized Journey
  • Video instruction on writing the best appeal letter for more financial aid
  • Over 70 appeal letter templates
  • Access to a live college coach at discounted rates

Compare the Costs

Why pay a college consultant for services you don’t need. SimpliCollege provides most of your answers & the best partners for less than 1 cup of coffee each month. If you need a little extra personal help, we have a college coach available at discounted rates for Premium members


College consulting at a fraction of the cost


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