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We want to help you win the college game.

Too many families have been forced to navigate very important decisions without much help. With over $1.7 trillion in student loan debt (and growing) we’ve had enough.

Our Mission.

We started SimpliCollege to arm families with the tools needed to lower the cost of college and successfully navigate the college planning process. We believe everyone should have access to the tools to prepare for college in an honest, supportive and affordable way. We want to help make your college goals a reality!

The only online resource that has all the tools you need to successfully navigate the college journey.

We get it.

Developed by independent college consultants that have helped thousands of families navigate the college planning process – we’ve been there. We want to share this knowledge with families and students just like you. We understand the key concerns of parents and students navigating this journey. By using SimpliCollege, we will help you avoid the mistakes that cost you the most!


Here are the most common worries of families going through the college planning process:

  1. Rising Cost of College
  2. Not Understanding the REAL Cost of College
  3. Overwhelming Experience
  4. Paying for College
  1. Time Consuming
  2. Difficult Process to Understand
  3. Understanding the Impact College Has on the Entire Family

Our Experience

We have served families for over a decade working as an Independent Educational Consultant. Through our experience, we have helped thousands of families successfully navigate the college process. By using the tools we have assembled, we've lowered the cost of college for many families by $1,000’s of dollars per year.

However, most families are not able to afford the high cost of having their own Consultant. As a result, we committed ourselves to providing help for all families by giving them access to the best tools at an affordable price. Our experience combined with our passion to help families led us to build SimpliCollege!

We want you to succeed

Whether you’re a student trying to navigate this process on your own or a family wanting to explore this journey together, we're here to help. No longer do families have to struggle without the right information. We have all the tools you need to win the college game!

"SimpliCollege was born with just one simple mission – to help families navigate the college process and lower the cost of college. With college costs spiraling out of control, parents and students have nowhere to go. SimpliCollege changes all of that! We have assembled all the tools you need in one convenient place at a price that every family can afford. We give you all the information you need to save time, money and reduce stress. Let us help your family. Together, we can win the college game!"

- Richard Bannister | Chief Executive Officer | SimpliCollege

"After spending over a decade helping families as an independent college consultant – I have seen firsthand the devastating impact caused by poor planning and decision making. Unfortunately, the consumer is often at a disadvantage when dealing with the colleges. It is my personal goal to help your family avoid these pitfalls. Using SimpliCollege and our tools, you’ll feel as if you have your own personal Independent College Coach but without the high cost!"

- Phil James | Chief College Officer | SimpliCollege

Meet Simpli Sam.

Your go-to guide throughout the college planning process.

Delivering the most honest, reliable, trustworthy advice to help make your college dreams come true!

Some Simpli Sam Facts:

Birthday: February 1st
Favorite Food: Pepperoni Pizza
Favorite Dance Move: The Moon Walk
Favorite Sport: Soccer
Favorite Past Time: Diving into a Good Book or Skateboarding through Campus

Let SimpliCollege take those worries away


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