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SimpliCollege can help you with a variety of topics, but if you need personalized coaching, SimpliSam has you covered. With SimpliCollege Premium, you'll get access to one-on-one coaching across a variety of topics, including career direction, college selection and admission, college funding, the FAFSA, and more. Find a college coach today!

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How SimpliCollege Can Help


Did you know you can appeal for more financial aid? Learn about the SimpliCollege method of appealing and negotiating with a college for more aid.


How to use SimpliCollege’s scholarship tools to help you save money on college. Learn how we can help you find the best scholarships.

More Help

We have aggregated all the college resources for the parent & student in one place to help with your SimpliCollege journey.

Parent-Student Journey

The Parent can access information they need to ensure they are educated on all the ways to pay for college and doing everything strategically. The Student has resources and tools they need to successfully plan for college.


Lower the Cost

We’re on a mission to help families and students make the smartest financial decisions for their future. Using interactive tools and tailored advice, we’ll help you lower the cost of college.

Paying for College

Everything you need to know about paying for college is right at your fingertips. From navigating the FAFSA to applying for student loans, we've got you covered when it comes to getting the best education at the lowest cost.

What you can learn...

  1. Top Financial Mistakes You Can't Afford to Make
  2. Applying to College Step-by-Step
  3. What is College Selectivity?
  4. Strategies to Lower the Cost of College
  1. Appeals and Negotiation
  2. How to Pay for College
  3. What is Financial Aid?
  4. Step-by-Step Guide to Filing the FAFSA
  1. Applying for Scholarships
  2. Applying for Student Loans
  3. Managing Student Loan Repayment
  4. How to Handle College Debt

Interactive Approach

  1. Using interactive lessons and action plans, we take a fully engaged approach in sharing all the information you need to know to successfully navigate your college journey.

Easy Navigation

  1. Save time by quickly & easily accessing the information you're looking for.
  2. Follow the steps in your custom journey, or search for a specific topic - either way, you'll be able to quickly find the topics you want to learn more about.

Save time, stress less, & lower the cost of your college education.

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